Years ago, in a far away arctic land, two very special stars were born.  Ty and Mica are Siberian Huskies, and Husky Tales is inspired by them, born of the belief that by learning and growing together we will reach a greater understanding of humanity and the natural world to which we all belong.  

Nature does not speak with a voice we can easily understand, but if we listen carefully enough we will hear her sing with the energy of the universe that surrounds us and brings life to all living things.  These special animals embody that spirit of the natural world which reminds us that everything in life is interconnected.  Come share with us our Husky Tales of adventure, on a journey of laughter, joy and discovery to enrich the spirit. 


What's in a name?

Ty (pronounced tie) is an adaptation of a Native American Taino word (Ti') meaning Great Spirit.  

RIP Ty, 2001-2015

Mica (pronounced meeka), as in the Great House of Mica.   Hopi Indian spiritual leaders had an ancient prophecy that one day world leaders would gather in the Great House of Mica, in the name of world peace and harmony, solving the world's problems without war.

RIP Mica, 2001-2014

Vila (pronounced vee-la), Eastern Slavic wind and storm spirits, capable of calling forth whirlwinds, hailstorms and rain. Depending on their habitats, people speak of land, water, wood and cloud vilas. These female spirits appear in the form of a swan, horse or wolf or, if in human form, as beautiful women, winged and with long hair. They posses eternal youth and are usually friendly toward humans.


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